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An internal plastic wall cladding provides several advantages over other materials like wood and brick. Wall cladding sheets made of PVC, for example, can create hygienic and aesthetic interiors where you will like to live in. PVC sheets can be made in different colors and patterns, and this makes it possible to create pleasing interiors using plastic wall claddings.

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Plastic is less recyclable compared to other materials. PVC can be recycled only if it is new as in the case of factory scrap and installation cuttings. Some plastic cladding makers have developed methods for using recycled plastic as the core and using new materials only on the surface.

On the other hand, plastic does not cause air pollution like painting or staining, and consumes less energy than aluminum.

Ensuring Quality of Plastic Wall Cladding Installations

A number of industry standards have been developed for plastic claddings. The standards cover product quality, color retention and installation competence.

By ensuring that the product you buy meets the standards, you could guard against substandard wall claddings, and enjoy the advantages that plastic offers.


Plastic wall cladding is an alternative to wood or aluminum claddings, and bare brick or concrete walls. Covered with plastic cladding sheets, brick and concrete walls can be transformed beyond recognition. With pleasing colors and intriguing patterns, you can create different kinds of effects in your interiors.

Plastic is hygienic, easy to clean and needs no maintenance activities like periodic painting. Standards have been developed to ensure product quality, color retention and installation quality.

Considering material, labor and finish, plastic wall claddings are less expensive to install than other alternatives.